Harpeth Hills Insurance, LLC
Your Path to Peace of Mind

Harpeth Hills Insurance, LLC is an independent insurance agency dedicated to providing customers with unbiased information on Medicare products to ensure that they are in the right plans for their situation and preference. 

Begun by Scott and Jenny Woods in 2010, the agency began working with clinics and pharmacies to answer patient questions about Medicare, assist with various Medicare subsidy programs, and educate all concerned on Medicare topics.

Harpeth Hills Insurance, LLC began working with the Louisiana Rural Health Association in 2014, and began expanding their Medicare Education programs throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. They provide Partner Agents who conduct Medicare Education classes at Rural Health Association partner sites, advocacy on health issues, and determine best fits between customers and plans in one-on-one counseling.

More information on the Rural Health Association Medicare Education Programs can be found at or by calling the Louisiana Medicare Education Line at 888-244-6218 or the Mississippi and Alabama Medicare Education line.

Harpeth Hills Insurance, LLC Partner Agents take the time to not only understand each customer's situation, but ensure that they qualify for the highest level of subsidy possible. They are also provided additional Medicare training provided by the Rural Health Association.

Logos used with permission from the Louisiana Rural Health Association, Mississippi Rural Health Association, and the Alabama Rural Health Association.

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